Professional Maintenance Tips from Our Roofers in Caterham

Our roofers are often called in to repair or replace damaged felt flat roofs in and around the Caterham area. While sometimes the damage is purely down to shoddy work from amateur or cowboy roofing contractors, often we find that an aging roof could have hung on a lot longer if it was better looked after.

Here are some maintenance tips that’ll help you increase the lifespan of your felt roof. If you require roof repairs and are searching through roofing companies in the Caterham area, be sure to give ours a call on 01883 337700. We’re reputable and reliable roofers with many years of experience within the roofing industry.

5 Ways to Extend Your Flat Roof’s Lifespan

Regular Inspection – Be sure to inspect your flat roof at least twice a year. Record any changes you’ve noticed in its condition, then report them to your choice of roofing companies. Ours near Caterham can help determine whether or not the change is a problematic or harmless one.

Key issues to look out for include blisters and bubbles, open seams, cracks, ruptures and loose surfaces. Also keep an eye out for drainage problems, such as standing water and clogged gutters, flashing problems and deteriorated brick and mortar work. All these issues can be easily rectified by our professional roofers.

Check Roof Following Poor Weather – If your Caterham home has recently been lashed by heavy rain, snow or a storm, be sure to check your roof to ensure that water is being properly drained away. Standing water, often referred to as ponding, signifies drainage problems.

Drainage problems can quickly lead to leakages, especially if there are any defects in the roof’s flashing or membrane. After particularly extreme weather, it’s worth checking the roof’s underside – specifically its edges – for any signs of leakage. Be sure to quickly call in roofers if you notice a problem.

Protect the Surface – If you have non roofing contractors come in and use the roof as a staging area for repair work, be sure to have them put down 18mm timber boards to protect your flat roof’s surface.

Roofing companies attend to a surprising amount of situations around Caterham where a tear has been made in a felt roof by industrial equipment or workers who’ve failed to take proper precautions when working on a roof.

Repair Quickly – Even if you’re taking good care of your felt roof, faults are sometimes unavoidable, especially with very old ones. As soon as you recognise your roof is in need of repairs, pick up the phone and call our roofing contractors. Prompt repair can help prolong the life of your roofing system.

We can repair punctures and open seems, worn coatings, and all sorts of other issues. Waiting too long to address problems can lead to further damage which will prove much more expensive to rectify.

Replace When Needed – The most vigilant homeowner in Caterham can keep a felt roof repaired and looked after for many, many years. But sometimes, repairing a very old and problematic roof just isn’t worth it, and it would prove cheaper in the long-run to replace it.

Our roofing experts can figure out whether this is the case. So be sure to give us a call if you’ve had a lot of recent trouble with your flat roof. You’ll be surprised at how affordable modern re-roofing really is.

What are you waiting for? For quality roofing services in Caterham, call us on 01883 337 700.

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